About Us

Al Neel Aluminium W.L.L was established in 1979 with sole intention for providing an efficient, effective and elegant aluminium fabrication works. Its been 36 years running now and we have successfully completed numerous projects all over Bahrain, gaining valuable experience and expertise.We take pride in the fact that we are unwilling to compromise on the quality,be it the materials used or the finesse of the fabrication to even the installation of the works. We take the time and effort to understand each client’s needs and ensure a timely handover . We still occupy the same office that we started out of, refusing to abandon our roots.

Our Services

Doors and Windows

The very core of any fabrication business, we put our expertise to good use to create all kinds of windows and doors of your choosing and design be it sliding, hinged, awning type etc

Aluminium Kitchen

We provide all kinds of kitchen cabinet solutions. Our floor and wall units are beautifully crafted with the granite and accessories of your choosing to make it tastefully personal.

Automatic and Frameless Doors

We have vast hands on experience in these elegant functional doors. We use only the highest quality accessories to ensure absolute trouble and maintenance free glass doors.  


We choose high quality composite panels with a wide variety of colors options and light weight to provide a durable and highly aesthetic functionality to any building.

Structural Glazing

The ingenuity of classic architecture, structural gazing can enhance the look of any building multifold when done right and tastefully. We use proper, ministry approved thermal glass for maximum thermal efficiency and our expert craftsmanship ensures proper protection from the elements.  


we have vast hands on experience in skylight. We use only the highest quality accessories to ensure absolute trouble and maintenance of skylights

Our Projects

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Our Vision

To be the de facto choice for all aluminium works across the Kingdom and grow into one of the fastest rising yet humbly grounded makers of all construction related aluminium products. We persevere to rise to the challenge of new and emerging ideologies and changes in design and concepts in aluminium fabrication.  We shall continue our relentless pursuit until we are the first and foremost name to come to mind whenever high quality, aesthetic workmanship and timely, peace of mind work schedules and delivery is involved.

Some facts about us

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Completed Projects
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Our skills

We have a team of expert technicians specialized in frameless doors, automatic sliding doors, skylights, various types of sliding windows, handrails, partitions, kitchen units, shop front décor, floor spring mechanism doors etc. In view of business expansion and to keep in with modern demands we have incorporated structural glazing/ curtain wall and aluminium cladding works. Since its inception Al Nile Aluminium has been involved in a number of prestigious projects ranging from Schools, Hotels, Freehold Apartments and private villas.
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A message from our manager

At Al Neel quality is embedded in everything we do. Our commitment is to provide the customer with the best quality possible to meet the individual needs and ideas. Our adherence to world class manufacturing principles and continuous stringent quality checks makes this a reality. Our constant striving for excellence has earned us a reputation as a leading producer of quality aluminium products in the Kingdom’s most demanding markets.
Rajan Mathew